How To Raise Your CareCredit Credit Score Quickly

By Zak | February 05, 2024

I talked about care credit. I was approved for a $6,000 limit with care credit. Now I've seen the reviews, probably just like you've seen the reviews in regards to working with care credit or synchrony bank period. They're known for closing accounts, using activity or you just not using the account enough.
They will lower your credit limits, so a lot of people have a lot of bad things to say about it. But for those of you who are looking to increase your credit score by lowering your usage, especially if you have a high utilization right now and you're having a tough time trying to lower it, accounts like these are beneficial to your profile because this company is known for giving out large credit limits.
Now the thing is, though, that you would have to use the card to prevent what others have been saying about them: closing accounts and things like that.
Obviously you're going to have to use it, but this would be beneficial to your profile if you tend to carry a higher balance or you're just going through a period of time right now where you are just struggling to get the credit card balances down. So what I like about care credit is that they do have a preapproval link, which I love. Also, it will show you the amount that you're preapproved for.
So if you find that they offer you a low limit, if I were you, I wouldn't proceed any further, because then you're going to get a hard angry, and we want to do stuff that makes sense. So I'm going to do stuff that just that would be beneficial to the profile and getting a lower limit.

If it would just balance it out against knocking a big chunk of their utilization, then it's not worth it. You know, maybe you want to work on your what you got going on at the moment and then come back to it later. But I like that. It shows you the amount upfront before you proceed to submit the application and you know, so you know what you're working with beforehand.
So when they told me that I was approved for the 6000, when I continued the application, the limit didn't change. It stayed $6000. So it pulls some trans union. Just in case you were wondering, you can use this particular card at doctors appointments, dental appointments, for your copays at Walmart, Walgreens, and Sam's Club.
I don't think CVS was one of the retailers listed on their website, but I will link it in the description box so you can see. But my whole purpose of this, 'Why do want to get a baby baby?' But I'm not in a rush.


You Know I've Been Working Out, But You Know I Have Been Thinking

You know I'm trying to. You know I've been working out. You know I've been working out and doing a little something. You know what I mean, but you know I have been thinking. But no, I particularly got this card because I wanted to, like I said before in all my videos, if you guys have a notice before I come to JX Company, I'll be having to try it out for myself. You know what I mean, especially right now, while I'm not in the process of trying to buy anything big, home or car.
I did it mine, getting the inquiry, and it also helped my profile. So I did it just to see you know how it will work, and how that process works. I can come back and let you know if it's legitimate.

Boost Your Credit Score With a Credit Card Like This

This would also be like a hack to lower your usage. That's improving your score, because there's really no way around utilization and payment history, which are the most important with your credit score.
Like, if your sole purpose is to increase your credit score, then you have to continuously make time payments and you have to have a low utilization, like there's no way around that. Like you cannot do either. Like you have to do both.
And if you're struggling right now with getting your utilization down, maybe because money just is a little funny right now then I would suggest getting a card like this that will show you up front what you're approved for.

Care Credit - A Great Way to Lower Your Credit Card Usage

That way you can see. okay, if I accept this offer, go, factor it in, go, add it to your limits that you already have and divide it to see what your utilization would be if this card appeared on your credit report. So definitely check out Care Credit, but also be, you know.
Just be mindful of the reviews, the things that people have said about syncy. Yeah, I would suggest this. This is a great way to lower your usage and improve your credit profile. So check it out.

Share Your Experience With The Care Credit Card

And if you have the Care Credit card, you know, share your experience. If you've used it before, say you know to get a baby baby because you've had two children and that you know they will pooch down at the bottom. Just don't want to go nowhere.
You know. No matter how many times you work out, how many greens slowly as you eat, you walk you where your raps and all that hit, even though you know what you know about the right way.