CareCredit Works Great If You Pay On Time Best Review 2022

By Gavin | May 19, 2022

In this post, I'm going to do a review of CareCredit. But before I do, I want to tell you that we are all about CareCredit-related content on this site, how to apply and how to sign up, and how to find a CareCredit provider. I hope you will follow us on this site often.


What Is CareCredit

So CareCredit is a form of financing generally used for medical and dental procedures.

It can be used for many different things but is usually used for medical treatments such as cosmetic dentistry, LASIK eye surgery, hearing aids, bariatric surgery, vision, eye exams, eyeglasses, and even includes things like day spas and veterinary surgery.

Usually, CareCredit is accepted at Rite Aid pharmacies and elsewhere, but this gives you the idea that you can now apply for CareCredit yourself online.

The doctor's office, dentist's office, etc. that I just mentioned may offer you CareCredit advice to pay for visits that you can't quickly pay for all at once. What will usually happen is you will get a 0% interest repayment plan as long as you pay off the balance of the surgery within a certain period.

How CareCredit Works

So generally, the way CareCredit works is that for anything over $200, you can get a 6, 12, 18, or 24-month loan, depending on the size of the surgery. If you have more extensive surgery and want to extend it further, you can do that, but not at 0% interest. If you have surgery over $1,000, you can open it for 24, 36, or 48 months. If you have surgery over $2,500, you can extend it to 60 months or five years. I have a 14. 9%, but I want to talk about actually that 0% offers because I want to make sure you understand what that means.

These are deferred interest offers, which means you must pay off the entire balance within the 0% period you're given. What happens if you don't? If you don't pay off every penny, you get all the interest from the day you were charged for the procedure.

Must Pay Back The Entire Amount Within The Specified Days

You have a similar procedure for a dental implant that costs $2,000. You feel you need to have this procedure done, and you want to take this financing option using CareCredit.

And you're pretty sure you can pay off that $2,000 in the next 24 months. You have $2,000 now, and over the next two years, you paid off $1,850. So now you only owe $150, and in all that time, what happens?

CareCredit charges you interest from the day you know the program initially occurred, which is the first day you incurred the charges. You are charged all the fees, and they will charge you at the average interest rate, which is now twenty-six point nine percent.

So what I'm saying is you were charged interest and then held two thousand dollars for two years. So you have to understand that if you don't pay off every penny in that time, you're going to be charged all the interest as if that zero percent offer never existed. It's going to be an abysmal twenty-six point nine percent interest rate.

My feeling about Care Credit is that if you have a procedure. You can pay it off within that zero percent time frame if you're sure. Usually, I would caution people about making sure they're clear about whether or not they can pay it all off within the allotted time frame.

CareCredit Offers

With all of the above said, CareCredit is still a perfect option for us as long as we can pay it off within the scheduled repayment date.

So when using the CareCredit credit card, we try to use this credit card on medical procedures, dental procedures, and maybe your pet's surgery.

I am not in favor of people buying a new wallet, or you want to buy some furniture while you are considering using the CareCredit credit card.

You know, it does make you happier in your life if you get this financing on your medical care. You don't lack the total amount of the repayment, and you pay it off in 24 months, respectively, and it's 0% interest.

How you want to shop when you use your credit card, I still recommend using another Mastercards.


Now, Care Credit may be acceptable for people with lower credit scores. At the same time, some of the other you-know-what general market cards may be a bit more difficult.

So we'll have a relatively easy time applying for CareCredit.

But please note that if we are in violation and don't pay it off on the required payment date, we will have to pay interest to CareCredit.