CareCredit Is The BEST Payment Option For You

By Gavin | May 19, 2022

Today we talk about whether using CareCredit is the best option for us?

One of the more hesitant parts of any treatment for your teeth is deciding what way to pay for the treatment.

Knowing all of your options allows you to move forward with your treatment with confidence, showing that a financial basis is a prerequisite for treatment.


When choosing an orthodontic office, many dental patients typically choose to receive their treatment in an outpatient dental office. This is also because, nowadays, dental clinics generally support CareCredit as a partner.

For dental treatment, many people now have a CareCredit credit card or are recommended by the clinic and apply for a CareCredit credit card as a means of payment.

Of course, clinics generally offer a wide range of other payment options for us to consider.

So how should we apply and register for a CareCredit credit card? Please browse these articles. Pay Your CareCredit Provider Easily.

Why Choose CareCredit

So why should you choose CareCredit, not just because the clinic recommends CareCredit as your preferred payment method?

There are many benefits to choosing CareCredit. If making a down payment at the beginning of treatment is not an option for you, CareCredit may be a good choice. Usually, orthodontic treatment takes 18 to 24 months, but if you want to extend your payments to 60 months. Then CareCredit is a good option.

If you decide to go with CareCredit, you will also benefit from not having to pay an above-average credit limit each year. There are no penalties for early payments.

CareCredit accepts most credit scores while offering a high credit limit.

How To Use CareCredit

But it's straightforward to figure out how to use it for orthodontic treatment. What can you do at home or at your appointment? If you apply for CareCredit at your consultation, you can get approved.

CareCredit will provide us with a temporary card number that we can use within 48 hours of approval. After the window is over, you will use CareCredit to pay for your entire treatment, or you can use it as a higher form of down payment. This depends on the amount of CareCredit credit you are approved for.

Once you pay with CareCredit, you will pay the balance. Suppose you decide to use CareCredit to pay for your entire treatment. In that case, you will pay only to CareCredit unless you add additional products or services to your treatment later.

You can pay online or by phone unless you choose the paperless option, in which case your first bill will be mailed to you.


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of CareCredit and that it has been helpful to you.

If there is anything else that can help you with your payment decision, please refer to our other articles.