How Does CareCredit Works

By Gavin | March 09, 2022

People are more concerned about using CareCredit than considering whether they need a credit card.

Today I'm going to tell you about a very cordial doctor-patient relationship and how CareCredit works. The CareCredit credit card links dental providers and patients, making the two more friendly and generating a positive relationship between serving and being served.

CareCredit And How It Works

CareCredit was initially designed to be different from regular credit cards in that users can use this card more flexibly.

Dental patients can use it to pay for the portion of out-of-pocket expenses not covered by Medicare. Special financing options for this portion of advance spending may not be available with other credit cards.


CareCredit is available at more than 250,000 registered providers to pay for health and wellness care. Once you apply CareCredit, you can use it again and again anywhere CareCredit is accepted.

Patients can choose through short-term financing options of 6, 12, 18, or 24 months.

No interest is charged on purchases of $200 or more if you make the minimum monthly payment and pay in full by the end of the promotional period. If you do not, interest will be charged from the initial purchase date.

True Stories Of CareCredit Providers And Patients

Dental Patient Beesly

Hi, my name is Beesly, and I have been a CareCredit cardholder for 8 months. I previously registered for a new card through

I live in Los Angeles, California, and I really enjoy the outdoors. On the weekends, you'll see me really taking advantage of all the outdoor lifestyle the city has to offer, especially outdoor jogging.

A while back, I was experiencing a toothache. When I say this, you may immediately relate to my pain. I didn't want to eat anything, and I couldn't even sleep at night.

I tried to run to relieve my toothache, but I really didn't want to do anything when I had a toothache and was distracted. And because of COVID-19, I was worried about too much contact with the outside world. This made me even more nervous.

After a week of suffering, I made an appointment with my dentist. The dentist understood my condition during the phone call and knew what I was worried about.

The dental clinic did a great job, and I was the only patient there when I went. Everyone in the clinic wore a mask except me. I felt instantly safe with the sterilized facilities throughout the clinic.

After the examination, the dentist found the root cause and told me that I needed crown surgery. I was amazed. I just felt that my gums were inflamed, and I could take some medicine. I didn't expect it to be serious.

At the time, I was thinking, 'Wow, how can I afford this surgery. This is going to cost a lot.' I couldn't even think about that exact number.

I suddenly remembered the CareCredit credit card I had registered for earlier.

Finally, after learning about the specifics of using CareCredit at the clinic, I decided to have the procedure done and pay with CareCredit.

Because of CareCredit, I was able to get timely treatment for my teeth. Because of CareCredit, I could get back to my daily life of jogging and outdoor sports. Become a happy person again.

Because of CareCredit, I got through it. I was able to take care of myself, and I'm back to myself.

Dentists Jane

Hi, I am Dr. Jane. I have been a dentist for 15 years and a CareCredit provider for about 10 years.

Routine care for toothache is critical to patients and very important to me. I believe that the prevention of dental disease is the key to treatment.

As you know, as dentists, the place where we see our patients is our clinic. This is an enclosed space. The reason for COVID-19 is that patients are concerned about the sterilization protections in the clinic.

I take safety very seriously and thoroughly look out for my patients and staff.

When I was talking to Beesly on the phone about her condition, her concern wasn't so much about the toothache as it was about the safety of the clinic. This is how most patients initially present.

Many patients often initially underestimate the cause of their dental disease, which often surprises them when subsequent payment because of the high cost of treatment.

Our practice is a CareCredit provider and has worked with CareCredit for many years. I often advise patients to use CareCredit to pay for their visits.

CareCredit minimizes the financial burden on patients and allows them to receive timely treatment.

I don't offer my patients anything I don't believe in myself.

That's why I love being a CareCredit provider because it gives my patients the ability to get the care they need.


Any visit is something we don't want to pay for, just like we never want to get sick.

But often, things don't work out the way we want them to, and we have to face that fact, and it also needs to be treated promptly.

The above example provides an understanding of the relationship between dental patients and CareCredit providers and how CareCredit works.

Hopefully, you too can become a CareCredit credit card holder and enjoy the services of over 250,000 CareCredit providers nationwide.