How To Find CareCredit Providers And Retailers

By Gavin | March 08, 2022

We may have many types of credit cards, some for insurance, some for cars. But it would be perfect if we had a credit card designed specifically for healthcare.

Today I will introduce you to the CareCredit credit card. It is an exclusive credit card designed specifically for our usual medical care.

The CareCredit credit card can be one of the most valuable and helpful credit cards we have. With CareCredit, our health and personal care will be very convenient. We can be prepared for those unexpected medical expenses.


If you already have a CareCredit credit card, you probably know how helpful it can be. But there are other ways you may not know about, and there are more and more things you can do with your CareCredit credit card.

For example, some urgent care centers and primary care providers now accept the CareCredit credit card. You can also use your CareCredit credit card for chiropractic and orthopedic care. And you can use it to purchase orthopedic and other medical equipment.

CareCredit can also be used to order Flex exercise equipment, or you can use CareCredit for various treatments and procedures at the SPA.

Just so you know, we're doing more every day, so you can do more at more than 200,000 locations nationwide, and that's the beauty of why we have CareCredit. Visit for more details.

How To Find CareCredit Providers And Retailers

By visiting CareCredit's official website, we make it easy to find a healthcare provider or retail location near you that accepts CareCredit. And you can use the CareCredit website payment calculator to help you.

  • The first way to find CareCredit providers is if you receive a bill from your doctor or provider after receiving treatment, you can find 'Pay My Provider' on the website and pay online with your Care Credit card.

  • Or pay using the CareCredit Mobile App.

Your provider will be able to see your payment immediately. How easy it is to pay your doctor or provider online at


Suppose you're not sure where to use the card. In that case, the official website can help you quickly find a location near you that accepts CareCredit.

What's even more convenient is that if you don't have your card with you when you shop, you can simply use your CareCredit credit card in the App.

Finally, when you are paying for planned or unexpected health care, consider paying with CareCredit. This is because CareCredit can offer more flexible repayment options.