Discovering The Benefits Of CareCredit

By Gavin | May 19, 2022

Hello everyone, today we share a few real CareCredit stories with you. Maybe, what they share is exactly what you are confused about. Let's take a look.

Here are actual CareCredit cardholders sharing their life-changing health care stories.

CareCredits is the nation's leading health credit card that gives you access to many of the procedures and treatments you want or need right now.


Payments can be made over time with promotional financing on $200 or more purchases. Credit cards issued by CareCredit are accepted at hundreds of thousands of locations nationwide. Pay for medical expenses for you, your family, and your pets.

Olivia and the CareCredit story

First, let's talk about Olivia, whose CareCredit story begins with her feet...Olivia tells us all the helpful ways she uses her CareCredit credit card.

I've been a CareCredit credit card holder for the past five years. Because I'm an active person, I like to walk because in my 60s, I mean, you're going to atrophy if you don't walk. I developed pain in my left foot, and I went to the Good Feet store, and the young lady was incredibly significant.

We tried different arch supports to see what would work for me. She just said to me, "Do you have CareCredit?" I said, "Well, my husband has CareCredit." She said, "Well, let me see if I can offer you CareCredit.

When I put on the arch support, everything changed, and my left foot stopped hurting me. And I am so grateful. CareCredit has gotten me back to the activities I enjoy.

When did you first hear about the CareCredit credit card? Five years ago. I needed dental implants. My teeth were terrible, terrible. So you chose dental implants? I chose dental implants and went to a great periodontist in Los Angeles who happened to have CareCredit.

My husband opened a CareCredit credit account. After that, I solved a problem with my left foot.

So, anyway, I didn't know that one of my legs was shorter than the other.

I also applied for a CareCredit credit card right around the time of my appointment. So I got my CareCredit credit card.

And using the CareCredit credit card gave me the confidence to treat my foot and not worry about paying the bill. It was great.

Isabella And CareCredit Story

The following story I want to tell is about Isabella and CareCredit. It happened to her more often than not, and it shows how many places we can use the CareCredit credit card.

The veterinarian thing. I use my CareCredit credit card to see my cats, Petey and Lulu Bell, veterinarians, of course. You know, I have CareCredit and can use it at the clinic.

Another time, I lost two of my front teeth. Yes, I went to the dentist. They could support CareCredit, and I used that card.

Also, the CareCredit mobile app. Apps are perfect for seniors because you don't have to pull your credit card out of your wallet all the time. You can click on it and pay your bills with the mobile app. You can find out if you can increase your credit, which I did.

Because you like it, I might get something more. Yes, I know I'll get something more. What else are you going to get? Well, I might. I'm going to the dentist today. Okay. Get your teeth cleaned. I know I'm going to get another pair of tennis sneakers at the Good Feet Store.

I love that CareCredit card. And I use it with my husband.


Say what you will, but I think that's a fantastic story. And it's appreciated, right.

We appreciate Isabella and Olivia sharing their stories of using CareCredit daily.